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Bee competitions - an initiative by Bee Parenting is the World’s first dedicated online marketplace for children's competitions.

Our key focus is to make children "future-ready" through the best global and local contests. Participating in Bee competitions helps children develop invaluable skills, like creative problem-solving, social skills and big-picture thinking, and many more. It also helps in preparing young learners to take on more significant challenges.

Our Partnership with Competition Organisers

Bee Competitions is an excellent platform for those who want to reach children (6 to 12 years) and their parents.

Competition Organisers Benefits:

·     Global online platform to host the competition.

·     Expands global reach.

·     Higher attendance.

·     Reduces expenses significantly.

·     Gets real-time insights.

·     Provides good leads.

·     Enhances sponsor and exhibitor value.

·     More diverse audience.

·     Data and analytics.

Let’s Get Started – Just express your interest and you will be contacted by our team.

For more information contact [email protected] | +917623079079

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