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12:38 AM (Asia/Kolkata)
Duration - 60 Minute
For Participants : Available Seats : 29  @ Free
For Audience : Available Seats : 0  @ Free

Eligibility : From 0 years to 0 years

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Competition Details

Creating a sense of general and social awareness in children must begin at an early age; whether it is done via general knowledge questions & answers or through regular teaching and learning methods - regardless of the mode of impartation, GK for kids is very necessary in this vast, capricious world.

All we need to do is push that interest a little more so that they try to explore more about General Knowledge.

1. The competition will be open to all children of 8 to 12 years.
2. Children who are not participating can also join as an audience for free!
3. GK quiz questions will be asked mostly from these links:
4. Rules will be explained at the beginning of the competition.
5. Participants shall not be allowed to take any help from parents or the internet.
6. The winner will be awarded a special gift(FREE home delivery) and an e-certificate.

Post Competition Brief



This Competition is sponsored by Parenting Nations - A Global NGO towards Early Childhood Development

Management Team

Aaliya Kugashia (Host)


Mustafa Lokhandwala (Coordinator) :

Call : +917623079079

Whatsapp : https://wa.me/917623079079