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01:30 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Duration - 1 Hour
For Participants : Available Seats : 5  @ Free
For Audience : Available Seats : 10  @ Free

Eligibility : From 8 years to 12 years

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Competition Details

Purpose of this competition:

Ocean World Quiz takes a child to the Life, Atmosphere and more Of Wonderfull Ocean. Bee presents you with a science quiz competition for kids that will pique their curiosity about the subject. This quiz is an effective way to generate curiosity in your child and make the learning a fun activity.


  1. Children who are not participating can also join as an audience for free.
  2. Enjoy Quiz on subjects as Ocean World, Life, Atmosphere and more.
  3. Rules will be explained at the beginning of the competition.
  4. Participants shall not be allowed to take any help from parents or the internet.
  5. The winner will be awarded the prize and an e-certificate.

For further details contact: +917227040040 (WhatsApp/call)

Post Competition Brief



This Competition is sponsored by Parenting Nations - A Global NGO for Early Childhood Development.


The winner will be awarded a Prize and an e-certificate.

Management Team

Host: Aaliya Kugashiya

Tehzib Momin (Coordinator) :
WhatsApp/Call : +917623079079