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01:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Duration - 45 Minutes
For Participants : Available Seats : 8  @ Free
For Audience : Available Seats : 1  @ Free

Eligibility : From 0 years to 0 years

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Competition Details

Memory Games - Train Your Brains

Memory tests are logic games to train your child's memory and attention. While challenging in our brain games competition, your child not only gets a lot of fun but also improve their memory, attention and concentration skills.


1. Children who are not participating can also join as an audience for free!
2. Rules will be explained at the beginning of the competition.
3. Participants shall not be allowed to take any help from parents or the internet.
4. The winner will be awarded an e-certificate.

For further details contact:
+917227040040 (WhatsApp/call)

Post Competition Brief

Visual memory is an essential skill that needs to be developed early on. The purpose of this competition was to enhance short-term visual memory that would allow the children to recall something that they saw very recently. This competition was held on February 12, 2022, for children aged 6-12. 2 Rounds were conducted wherein Round 1, participants were shown images with high complexity and numerous characters for 60 seconds each. Later, they were asked 3 questions to be answered by recalling the image. In round 2, the qualified participants from Round1 were shown an image again with higher complexity along with numerous characters performing various activities for 60 seconds. Here, Participants were instructed to observe, remember and recall activities happening in the image. The next step was to type down a list of recollected activities and send it to the chatbox. The winner was chosen based on the highest number of correct recalled activities.
Final results: Bhavyanshi Puri from Jalandhar, India, recalling 7 correct activities, won the competition.


This Competition is sponsored by Parenting Nations - A Global NGO towards Early Childhood Development.


The winner will be awarded an e-certificate.

Management Team

Aaliya Kugashia (Host)

Mustafa Lokhandwala (Coordinator) :
Call : +917623079079
Whatsapp: https://wa.me/917623079079